In addition to astonishing residential waterscapes, Forest City Pool & Patio has an extensive portfolio of commercial clients. Whether a city's aquatic center, a series of meandering saltwater pools designed to navigate channels of warm and cold water, or a pool in a highrise, we've built indoor and outdoor water structures for some of the finest resorts, spas and developments in across Canada.

We are licensed and insured, committed to getting the job done on time and on budget, and available to work on time-sensitive jobs. But that should simply be the cost of entry to work on your commercial pool project.

Forest City Pool & Patio will:

  • provide budgeting, project management and technical support to architects, engineers and general contractors involved in commercial pool, spa and water feature construction;
  • supply interpretation and application of municipal and provincial codes and legislation as apply to commercial pool, spa and water feature installations, whether existing or proposed;
  • act as liason between local Ministry of Health officials or Building Inspectors and owners / operators of commercial pools, spas and water features.

We have full technical ability in all areas of construction, filtration, water quality management and automation.


Forest City Pool & Patio has been in business since 1986, and that's experience you can take to the bank. There's seldom a problem our team can't anticipate and help you avoid, and when the occasional issue outside of our control rears its head, we will know how to solve it quickly, safely and permanently. Whatever the project, we can assist with the master planning and design of any commercially operated swimming pool and spa. We can assist in the technical writing of construction documents and specs, and we will always work closely with your team of general contractors, architects, engineers and others to do the job right.