Your new swimming pool is clean, the finishing touches to the landscape and fencing are now complete ... now what?

At Forest City Pool & Patio, we believe the the first swim is the beginning of a long relationship between our clients and us. We will happily save you time by keeping your water silky smooth and your pool spotless for you; alleviate your worries by maintaining the peak optimal performance of your mechanical system; helpfully walk you through some troubleshooting over the phone; and even renovate and refresh the finishes of your well worn but still loved pool!

From manual water quality maintenance to fully automated self-maintaining systems, our trained staff can fill all demands our our residential and commercial installations with trouble-free pool ownership.

Available Services:
  • full pool & spa servicing
  • pool opening and/or closing
  • weekly or monthly maintenance and servicing
  • pools equipment upgrades
  • chemicals.

Contact us to arrange free delivery of all your pool & spa supplies!

Your pool is meant to be a source of simple relaxation and stress relief. Allow us to help maximize your investment.