In addition to astonishing residential waterscapes, Forest City Pool & Patio has an extensive portfolio of commercial clients.

Whether a city’s aquatic center, a series of meandering saltwater pools designed to navigate channels of warm and cold water, or a pool in a high-rise commercial building. We’ve built indoor and outdoor water structures for some of the finest resorts, spas and developments in and across Canada.

We are a licensed and insured. We are committed to getting the job done on time and on budget, we take pride in customer satisfaction. Available to work on time-sensitive projects.

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What We Do

Provide budgeting, project management and technical support to architects, engineers and general contractors involved in commercial pool, spa and water feature construction.

Supply interpretation and application of municipal and provincial codes and legislation as they apply to commercial pool, spa and water feature installations, whether existing or proposed.

Act as liason between local Ministry of Health officials or Building Inspectors and owners / operators of commercial pools, spas and water features.

What We Offer

1. Pebble Tec ®

The exclusive time tested formula of Pebble Tec superior quality pool finishes has brought the added value of visual elegance, confidence, and piece of mind to millions of customers worldwide.

The carefully selected materials combined with cement and innovative additives can only be installed by licensed Pebble Tec professionals. These installers play an intricate role in the Pebble Tec brand and work exclusively with Pebble Tec international to ensure your investment in a quality pool finish installation meets the highest possible standards.

Forest City Pool & Patio is proud to be a Pebble Tec Elite Builder.

2. Membrane

Forest City Pool & Patio utilizes a 60 mil reinforced membrane system on many of our commercial pool projects. Coating the pool with membrane will reduce your operating costs and could not be simpler.

Our 60 mil reinforced membrane is a flexible and hard wearing tear-resistant product

It can be laid on all load-bearing surfaces such as tile, concrete, metal, plastic and wood. The membrane is rolled on top and welded into a single joint-free water tight surface. It is available in several colours.

How the Membrane system works

  1. Compound sheeting is riveted to the top beam of the pool
  2. Fleece is installed as a separation layer
  3. The 60 mil reinforced membrane gets rolled out in sheets and hot seam welded to create a waterproofed surface in the swimming pool shell
  4. After the installation of the built-in elements, your swimming pool is ready!