Swim Ready Service

What is our Swim Ready Service?

Book a swim ready service to have your water balanced, cleaned and ready for the season. This service is charged by the visit and the hour recognizing each pool requires more cleaning than others.

Chemicals are extra and vary based on water clarity, water balance and sanitizing system.

Salt and Stabilize is automatically included with this service.

Salt and Stabilize

What is our Salt and Stabilize Service?

This service is offered for salt water pools and is typically completed in half an hour. Your pool water will be tested for salt content and cyanuric acid levels. Salt will be added properly if needed, based on your specific chlorine generator’s requirements from the manufacturer. Stabilizer will be added to adjust levels if required.

Note: Most chlorine generators will not operate unless the water is approximately 65 degrees F, 18 degrees C.

Maintenance Packages

Tired of taking care of your pool or can’t find the time? Don’t worry we have you covered! We offer a variety of packages to serve you best and keep your pool clean and clear.

Our Team of Pool Professionals have the knowledge and expertise to maintain clean, safe and balanced pool water. We offer a variety of packages to keep your pool clean and clear.

Water care management is very important to protect your family and your investment.Poor water quality can be harmful to your health. Clear water doesn’t always mean it’s safe and chemically balanced. Unbalanced water can cause corrosion of your pool equipment, staining to your pool, damage to your pump, filter and heater. A properly maintained pool will help protect your investment for years to come.

Maintenance Options

Weekly Pool Maintenance Packages – 15, 20 or 25 weeks

Weekly Pool & Spa Maintenance Packages – 15, 20 or 25 weeks

Bi-Weekly Maintenance

Monthly Service Maintenance

Vacation Service Maintenance


What’s included on each maintenance visit?

  • On site water testing using a professional test kit – no test strips for us!!
  • Balance your water, adding the necessary chemicals. (Chemicals are extra)
  • Overall check of equipment including chlorine generator if used
  • Clean pump and skimmer baskets
  • Vacuum, brush and skim pool
  • Backwash if you have a sand filter if water discharge is compliant with city bylaws
  • Clean your filter cartridges when required
  • Scrub water line when needed